Farmer’s Daughter Blonde

I made two New Year’s resolutions this year.

  1. Drink more local beer
  2. Write more

I’m combining these resolutions into blog posts about beer made in Maryland. I may expand this into wine and liquor made in Maryland too, but for now, I just want to down a pint or two.

(Also, Natty Boh doesn’t technically count anymore, but I may try it anyway…)

red-shedman-farmersThe Brewery
Red Shedman Farm Brewery

The Location
Mount Airy

The Beer
Farmer’s Daughter Blonde

The can has a picture of a pretty blonde woman on it. She looks vaguely Swedish in a Malena Ernman sort of way and I would love to complain about Red Shedman using a pretty blonde woman to sell their beer except I bought it. So I took a picture of the can so that you don’t see the picture. Blame it on my innate Catholicism.

Anyway, Farmer’s Daughter Blonde has a beautiful cloudy pale gold color. The aroma is faintly sour, but there is only the slightest hint of tartness to the taste. It tastes vaguely of apricot at first before giving way to a vague wheat flavor at the end. The beer’s body is thin and flat. It’s better to swig it with a couple of big gulps than to sip it, but like people in the land of Oz, it comes and goes so quickly here. Not an unpleasant way to pass the time, but not something I’m going to reminisce about either.