mysterium-duclawThe Brewery
DuClaw Brewing Co.

The Location
Bel Air

The Beer
Mysterium Belgian Spiced Ale

I will admit that I was prompted to snag a bottle of Mysterium by the fact that I am a huge fan of the board game Mysterium. Yet I didn’t drink Mysterium while playing Mysterium. I make no sense sometimes.

Anyway, the spices in this spiced ale are cardamom and chamomile. I definitely smelled the chamomile when I poured Mysterium into my glass. However, the taste was all cardamom.

To be honest, as much as I like cardamom as a spice, I probably wouldn’t have guessed that it flavored the ale. I am not some sort of spice savant. My point is, the cardamom wasn’t just an aromatic: I definitely tasted it in the beer.

Although the body was fizzy and wispy, overall Mysterium is a flavorful beer, and it lingered in a pleasant way after each gulp. It wouldn’t be a beer I would buy on a regular basis, but it is something I enjoyed for a lark.