Cutlass Vienna-Style Lager

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Heavy Seas

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The Beer
Cutlass Vienna-Style Lager

I love Vienna. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot time there, and it is a wonderful city. It has a rich history, wonderful art, gorgeous architecture, cozy neighborhoods, and delicious food. And of course, there’s all the effervescent, flavorful beer.

So while I am excited to see Heavy Seas has a Vienna-style lager, I am a little bit wary, because it has a lot to live up to. (Unless they mean it’s a Vienna, Virginia-style lager, which I am reasonably certain is not a significant thing.)  I am not saying I am an expert, unless expertise is measured by liters consumed, but I feel like I know a good example of Austrian beer when I taste it.

Cutlass has a light, sweet flavor and pleasant carbonation. The more I gulped it and the more that subtle wheat flavor swirled around my mouth and throat, the more I wanted to drink. For me, moreishness is the real test of its Viennaness.

To be sure, I had a bottle while having a plate of Käsespätzle and it matched up really well. I’m not saying I was transported to an Alpine gasthaus or anything (because Vienna is not really in the Alps), but it’s nice to know I don’t have to overpay for Steigl the next time Austria wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

Heavy Seas should not be selling this in 12-ounce bottles. They need to sell it exclusively in half-liter cans to be properly Austrian.

Stray notes: If you ever plan to go to Vienna, and you totally should, you need to make your way to Fischerbräu. They make terrific beer and while they are a little off the beaten path, they are easily accessible via public transportation. You’re gonna need to use the public transportation when you leave.

If you are going for commercially available Austrian beer, I like Ottakringer and Zipfer, but it’s probably best to ask local folks what they prefer. They will have strong opinions and will also probably tell you not to drink Stiegl. Stiegl is the Budweiser of Austria (yet is still better than Budweiser).