The Raven Special Lager

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The Raven Special Lager

One of the things I like about Baltimore is that it sparked the careers of two artists that dealt with the macabre and the bizarre. I haven’t had any John Waters-related beer yet, but thanks to RavenBeer, I’ve now had some Edgar Allan Poe-related beer. (He didn’t die from alcoholism, contrary to popular belief, so there’s nothing tacky about this. But even if there was something tacky about it, John Waters would tell you that this would not be a problem.)

The Raven has a rich, brown color and a sweet, malty aroma. So many bubbles dance around the glass after I poured that I wanted to have a Poe-themed disco party. I thought The Raven was a bit thin in body, but the subtle malt and wheat flavor gave it the kind of moreishness that comes with the style of German lagers it emulates. It’s definitely something I’ll look for next time I’m eating a pile of crabs up in Baltimore County.