Surrender Dorothy

The Brewery
7 Locks Brewing

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The Beer
Surrender Dorothy RyePA

I am very embarrassed that I have not been to 7 Locks Brewing yet. I drive by it all the time because it is right around the corner from the amazing La Bohemia Bakery. Of course, to be fair, I’m at La Bohemia first thing in the morning, before 7 Locks is open and beer drinking is generally accepted in the United States.

So I was happy to pick up a six-pack of Surrender Dorothy at Gilly’s. I’ve had rye-based beers before that were… well, not my favorite beverages to consume, to be honest. But Surrender Dorothy does not go crazy with the rye. Instead, it offers up an English bitters-style ale that has a lovely elderflower flavor.

Surrender Dorothy is the first beer 7 Locks has offered up in cans for retail sale, and I can see why. It is really delicious.