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Clear Spring

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Vidal Blanc 2014

I somehow figured out a way to screw up fondue. It’s not hard, you just melt cheese, and yet I did not melt the cheese right and I had failed fondue. Fortunately, my wife fixed it and then served it over elbow macaroni and it was the best mac and cheese I ever had. Let’s face it: she’s a genius.

Anyway, the wine I used for the fondue was Knob Hall’s Vidal Blanc. The wine had nothing to do with the failure of my fondue, I am happy to say. In fact, it gave our mac and cheese a lovely tang. Drinking it with the mac and cheese was a bit of a mistake, though. The cheese completely overpowered the wine and now I have to have a second glass so I can properly review it.

It has citrusy and grassy aromas, which I think are typical of a vidal blanc. (Checks Wikipedia, discovers it has notes of pineapple and grapefruit.) So yeah, as I was saying, grapefruit-citrusy aromas. It’s delicate, but has a nice crispness that gives it a bit of teeth. It’s a good muggy summer night wine.