Bury the Sun English IPA

The Brewery
Oliver Brewing Company

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The Beer
Bury the Sun English IPA

Bury the Sun was brewed to celebrate the Maryland Doom Fest and on the can, Oliver Brewing Company describes it like this:

All doom, no gloom. Bury the sun with this English IPA, brutally dry hopped with Jester, and celebrate all that’s heavy with four days of doom!

Yet, like the members of Candlemass holding adorable kittens, Bury the Sun is not brutal at all. In fact, I found it kind of subtle. It has a pleasingly tangy, hoppy aroma. Sure, it tastes bitter, but not relentlessly so. In fact, it has a gentle caramel flavor that dissipates quickly. And it leaves a pithy aftertaste that is altogether pleasant, not heavier than thou.

I know I sound disappointed, but I’m more surprised than anything. I was expecting to get punched in the face with hops, not given a warm hug and a playful tap on the chin. I like Bury the Sun and in my younger days, when I was still up for attending four day doom metal festivals, I would have downed a worrying amount of it.

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