September Sun Saison

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Brookeville Beer Farm

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The Beer
September Sun Saison

It’s early September and the sun is shining here in Rockville. An autumnal breeze is blowing around me as I sit on what passes for my house’s front porch. My yard is overrun with flora because I have no idea how to garden beyond mowing, and I broke a lawnmower once while trying mow something that wasn’t grass.

I have an empty bottle of Brookeville Beer Farm’s September Sun Saison sitting on the ground next to me. The sun on the label is staring at me like I am a devout police officer about to get sacrificed to a pagan god. I am listening to Doves’ Lost Sides right now to enhance the mood.

I’ve downed a lot of September Sun Saison today. For reviewing purposes. This is science, after all. It has a fruity sweet aroma and a gentle flavor of caramelized banana. It also has a lemony tart aftertaste that tickles my throat the way the cool breeze tickles my toes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately, and it’s important to me that I enjoy the present while it is here. As for the past, my one regret that I didn’t buy more of this.