Coppermine Creek Dry Stout

The Brewery
Milkhouse Brewery

The Location
Mount Airy

The Beer
Coppermine Creek Dry Stout

So Guinness is opening a brewery in Maryland and me from 20 years ago would have been super-excited because I loved Guinness. Me from the current year is a little less excited because their pending arrival opened up a can of legal worms, which as you know are the worst worms in the world.

Also, I’ve had their Black Lager, which is terrible.

I still love Guinness’ style of stout that eats like a meal (copyright Darren Bleuel of Nukees fame), so I was happy to grab a bottle of Milkhouse Brewery’s Coppermine Creek on a recent Gilly’s local beer shelf raid. It has all the hallmarks of a proper stout: bitter chocolate and strong black coffee flavors, with a hint of syrupy sweetness before the bitter tang coats your throat. It takes forever to drink because it so rich and thick and chewy. It’s the type of beer to drink during long conversations about deep subjects that you want to sound somewhat coherent about.

Bless Milkhouse Brewery, by the way. I almost want to buy a house in Mount Airy that’s walking distance to their taproom. That may or may not be hyperbole.