Devil’s Alley IPA

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Devil’s Alley IPA

Happy Halloween! I am celebrating America’s favorite festival of Satan with a Devil’s Alley IPA.

I have a huge pile of chocolate to hand out tonight, but I get so few trick-or-treaters to my little corner of Rockville. Having something a little bitter is going to be quite welcome over the course of this evening.

I mean to say, I have so much chocolate that I will inevitably eating over the course of tonight that having a bitter drink will be welcome. I am not saying I am bitter we get so few trick-or-treaters. Though our front yard is pretty awesome and I wish more people came by to appreciate it. We’ve got a skeleton holding a can of Devil’s Alley, for crying out loud.

Anyway, Devil’s Alley has a pithy, astringent aroma, and that initial sip is full of citrus peel flavor. There is a subtle wheat aftertaste followed by a pleasant bitterness in the back of the throat. Yummy yummy yummy.