Medieval Mead

The Winery
Linganore Wines

The Location
Mount Airy

The Beer
Medieval Mead

Is there anything Mount Airy can’t do?

I mean, I’ve already talked a lot on this website about all the good beer it has (and I still haven’t tapped all the breweries that are there yet). And it has damned good ice cream at Rock Hill Orchard & Woodbourne Creamery, too.

So it only makes sense that it has a winery that happens to make mead.

I guess we’ve all had that roommate in college who tried to make mead in the dorm room with disastrous results, right? I assume that we are all like me and went to college in suburban Rhode Island.

Anyway, that awful mead my roommate made did not deter me from wanting to try mead that did not taste like carbonated sock mold. Years ago, my wife and I found a place in Sperryville, Virginia called Smokehouse Winery that did some amazing stuff. We gave out bottles of their mead for Christmas. Alas, it closed back in 2009 or so, and… well, we really didn’t spend much time looking for a replacement because I wasn’t that obsessed with mead.

I guess now is the time to cultivate the obsession. Medieval Mead has a musty honey aroma and a slightly fizzy body. Its honey flavor is rich and sweet, but it also has a nice, understated tartness that keeps it from being cloying. Linganore recommends serving it warm mulled with clove and cinnamon, which I would totally would have tried had I not just finished the entire bottle. Maybe next time…