Feed the Monkey

The Brewery
Jailbreak Brewing Company

The Location

The Beer
Feed the Monkey

This is not the beer I was expecting to drink.

I went out to eat and ordered a different beer. One of the wait staff came by with this glass of beer and asked if I ordered Feed the Monkey. I said no. Then another member of the wait staff came by and just gave me the glass of Feed the Monkey. I said, “I didn’t order this, I ordered something else.” He left with the glass of Feed the Monkey, then came back and gave me the glass of Feed the Monkey. He told me that they were out of the beer I ordered and that the bartender said Feed the Monkey was the closest beer they had to what I asked for.

All this time, all I could think was the name of this beer was in all caps: FEED THE MONKEY, DAMMIT. FEED THE MONKEY.

Fine, I’ll take the Feed the Monkey.

It’s a hefeweizen, so it has a strong yeast flavor that resembles banana (hence that clever name). It also has a pleasant wheat aftertaste. I liked it and I can’t wait to order it again, just to see if the restaurant gives me the beer I originally asked for instead.