Cocktail Corner: Ginger Lady

ginger-ladyIn 2013, British celeb brothers-in-law Alexander Armstrong and Giles Coren teamed up to present a show on BBC Two called The 12 Drinks of Christmas. The idea was that they were going to put together the drinks menu for the family holiday celebrations.

In one segment, the two enlist famed cocktail expert Tony Conigliaro to help create a cocktail for their festivities. Armstrong presents an idea for a concoction called The Ginger Lady, based on the American Bar’s legendary gin cocktail The White Lady, but substituting ginger liqueur for orange liqueur.

To whip up my own version, I started with Conigliaro’s stated measurements for gin and ginger liqueur. (Armstrong suggested using The King’s Ginger in the cocktail, but I used Domaine de Canton instead because that’s what I found at Montgomery County Liquor Store.) For a frame of reference, I took a look at a recipe for The White Lady I found at Esquire.

I was going to leave out the egg white, but it is very necessary: aside from helping give The Ginger Lady its opaque white color, it offset the syrupy sweetness of the liqueur and gave the cocktail a creamy body. (Mental Floss explains why.)


40 milliliters of gin

20 milliliters of ginger liqueur

20 milliliters of lemon juice

1 egg white


Chill a cocktail glass. Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously using long strokes to emulsify the egg white. Double strain into the cocktail glass.Save