Pump House IPA

The Brewery
Red Shedman Farm Brewery

The Location
Mount Airy

The Beer
Pump House IPA

I started writing this blog about a year ago. The first beer I wrote about was from Red Shedman. Now I am marking my first anniversary with another Red Shedman beer. Am I establishing a tradition of drinking something from Red Shedman once a year to celebrate the continued existence of my website? Or is it just a coincidence?

It is just a coincidence, but we live in times where people don’t believe in coincidence anymore.¬†Everything is tied together somehow. So let’s pretend that I intentionally drink a beer from Red Shedman once a year.

The conspiracy is real.

At this festive time of the rolling year, I am asking myself if I am trying to be a beer critic or a beer diarist. If I am trying to be a beer critic, I am struggling with how to describe Pump House IPA. It’s got a grapefruit pith flavor with hints of butter and cotton candy. Wait, what? Am I insane? Or am I just falling to that odd critic’s mentality that afflicts Robert Parker, who once wrote that he tasted melted asphalt in a wine, like that was a good thing.

If I am just a beer diarist, and let’s say that I am, then I would describe Pump House IPA as a homey beer, a pleasant one to drink on a short winter night while noshing on pretzels and watching the Wizards lose again.

Now that I’ve made peace with the direction this site is going in, I can start counting down the days until I have another Red Shedman beer. 364 days to go…