Intrigue In Tangiers

The Brewery
Oliver Brewing Company

The Location

The Beer
Intrigue In Tangiers

I broke my New Year’s resolution to write a new post every week. But it was for a good cause: I spent last weekend setting up my own home on the internet. Yes, I am really dedicating myself to writing about all the beer I am drinking. Mostly, I was excited that no one had claimed that domain name already.

The excitement of moving in was tempered with the reality of setting it up: I spent a lot of time fiddling with HTML, tweaking customizations, and the like. To aid my progress, I drank a couple of cans of Intrigue In Tangiers, a joint project of Oliver Brewing Company and Charm City Meadworks.

As mentioned before, I have a real fondness for Oliver Brewing Company. Aside from the fact that their beer is good, they have my taste in music. This little number is named after The Chameleons’ “Intrigue In Tangiers.” I drank it thinking that if I had opened a brewery myself, I would have probably named a beer after “Mad Jack.”

Intrigue In Tangiers is a spiced ale made with molasses and honey. The honey lends it a silky sweetness, the molasses provides a lovely bitterness at the end, and the spices gives it a nice complexity. It’s a fun beer, especially when fixing all the broken links I created moving this blog over to my own domain.