Flapjack Maple Milk Stout

The Brewery
Calvert Brewing Company

The Location
Upper Marlboro

The Beer
Flapjack Maple Milk Stout

Every year for Christmas, I receive a bottle of maple syrup from my grandmother. I love maple syrup, but I cannot down an entire bottle of maple syrup in one year. So more often than not, after the holidays I am giving bottles of maple syrup to my in-laws, to my friends and co-workers, or to random people on the street.

Therefore, I’m always looking for ways to use maple syrup. I am pretty creative with it, but I have to admit I never thought to put it in my beer. I obviously do not work at Calvert Brewing Company, who brews Flapjack with lactose and Vermont maple syrup.

Can you have beer for breakfast? If you can, then Flapjack is perfect. It tastes like a mocha made with bittersweet chocolate and just a little bit of sugar stirred in. I didn’t really taste any maple, just a vague sweetness that took the edge off of a strong stout beer.

I wonder if they need some more maple syrup for their next batch? Because I could hook them up.