Welcome to Hungerford’s Tavern

The other day, I was driving past the BB&T Bank on Washington Street in Rockville that has the sign marking the presumed location of Hungerford’s Tavern, a key site in the pre-Revolution era and a historical name for the city of Rockville.

Now, at that point I had been agonizing over content for my blog. I originally called it Locally Drunk, but I wanted to add more posts about cooking (which I am good at) and living in Rockville (which I am also good at). So I was feeling a bit limited by the name I had given the site.

But seeing that sign about Hungerford’s Tavern gave me an idea: what if I just called the site Hungerford’s Tavern? Since Owen’s Ordinary, another historical name for Rockville, is already taken?

Later, when I got home, I was surprised to discover that HungerfordsTavern.com was available. So I bought it, got it set up, and rechristened my website.

Welcome to Hungerford’s Tavern! Let’s make old-fashioneds to celebrate.