Togi Amber Lager

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Peabody Heights Brewery

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Togi Amber Lager

If there is one thing that I have been missing by bringing all the Maryland drinks home instead of going out to drink them, it’s the stories that go along with them. Even when I do go out to a brewery, I usually grab a beer and sit in the corner to write.

Part of the issue, to be honest, is that I am pretty introverted. I also don’t want to bother the folks behind the bar, even though a lot of times I have a chance to talk to the people making the beer I’m drinking. Moreover, even though I am writing a blog that is available on the open web, I get a little freaked out that people have read stuff I’ve published on it.

Yeah, so I have a couple of things I need to work out. Then I won’t have to read  stories on cans.

Case in point, Peabody Heights Brewery’s Togi Amber Lager. It’s named after their brewmaster, Ernesto ‘Togi’ Igot. Per the can of Togi, he “was classically trained at the prestigious VLB in Berlin and managed 11 San Miguel breweries across Southeast Asia.”  According to the late, great City Paper, he moved to the U.S. in 1997 and worked at Clipper City, which eventually became Heavy Seas. He’s been with Peabody Heights since 2012. Here is someone you want to hear stories from or about in person.

But I’m not at Peabody Heights right now. I’m at home with a can I grabbed from Dawson’s. I’m about to change the way I’m living… tomorrow.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before my hatred of Guinness’ Black Lager. Togi tastes the way Black Lager should have. A little sweet, a little nutty, with a molasses aroma. It’s sort of like a cross between Newcastle and altbier, with Guinness’ faint coffee flavor in the back. I dig it highly.