Low Blow Blonde Ale

The Brewery
Brawling Bear Brewing

The Location

The Beer
Low Blow Blonde Ale

Gaithersburg is the Shelbyville to Rockville’s Springfield.

Actually, maybe I should reverse that, since Gaithersburg is shaped like a donut:

Anyway, the extent of my beer adventures there have been limited to the Dogfish Head Alehouse, which I love. But it means I’ve been overlooking Gaithersburg’s homegrown brewery in favor of a Delaware interloper. But no more, people! I now have in my possession a six-pack of Brawling Bear’s Low Blow Blonde Ale.

Low Blow is creamy and smooth, with baking spice flavors and a sweet wheat finish. It’s an amiable beer, perfect for a clear, autumn night. That angry bear on the label is a lot more cuddly than I would expect.