Frederick Brewery Crawl: Idiom, Attaboy, and Olde Mother

I spent last weekend in Frederick on a little personal getaway. Some people go camping or to mediation retreats. I go to breweries that are walking distance from where I am staying.

I discovered that even in loud public places, I tend to carve out a quiet corner to take in everything. I’m a bit of an introvert, so I’d rather just humbly order a pint and retreat to the side to write. In this case, that was an advantage, because it gave me a chance to reflect a lot and also gave me the space to appreciate a lot of beer.

There were two breweries on my itinerary: Attaboy and Idiom. One of the folks tending the taps at Idiom recommended I visit Olde Mother as well. Of the three, Idiom was my favorite. I loved their Raise Your Eyebrow Hazy Rye, which had a nice rye flavor and a lovely mellow tang. But the really winner of the weekend was their Late Bloomer ESB, which tasted of toast and elderflower. I brought home a few large cans so I could write about it in more detail later.

My favorite beer from Attaboy was Jackpot, a New England style IPA with a lot of grapefruit flavor, but not stupidly sour. It was nice and refreshing, especially after the döner I downed at Döner Bistro. Meanwhile, over at Olde Mother, I dug the Superb Owl, which they describe as dank and having notes of resinous pine and cannabis. It smelled of burnt dried sage and tasted like Christmas and wheat.

As it turns out, I was in Frederick during their Fire In Ice weekend. A lot of the businesses on Market Street (and indeed on a lot of other streets as well) had ice sculptures outside their storefronts. There were quite a few that were just carved billboards, but it was fun to see a lot of the ones that fully embraced the whimsy of the event.

Also, there was a hot air balloon basket firing off bursts of flames, which is always a good time.

Though this makes it sound like I had a packed schedule, I took it all at a leisurely pace and carved out a lot of time to work out what I wanted to work out. I also wrote a lot in Frederick Coffee Company & Cafe, just so you know I wasn’t drinking beer the entire time.

In regards to this blog, I realized that my plans to write weekly posts are maybe a bit too ambitious given what all else I’m doing. So I’m going to scale back my ambitions a bit and aim for a new post here every two weeks. My liver will thank me.