Come for the Beaches, Stay for the Beer (and for All of the Pineapples)

Maui Coconut Hiwa at SouthsideThe Brewery
Maui Brewing Company

The Location
Kihei, HI

I spent the last two weeks of June in Hawaii and while there, I made sure to try beers from Maui Brewing Company at every opportunity. Sure, I had mai tais and Volcano Winery’s Macadamia Nut Honey Wine, but let’s be honest, I’m all about the beer here.

It does occur to me that the only thing more insufferable than someone showing you their vacation photos is someone showing you their vacation beer tasting notes. But let’s be honest, you knew what you were getting into when you walked in here.

Maui Brewing’s signature beer is their Bikini Blonde lager. It’s tangy and malty, the most excellent way to wash down a large plate of luau catering. It was more Pilsnery to me than their actual Pilsner, Maui Pau Hana. That said, Maui Pau Hana was crisp and hoppy with a refreshing lemon pith and a nice sweetness in the back. It’s a great beach beer.

The Big Swell IPA is the type of India pale ale I reminisce about: floral aromas with a hint of orange peel and a strong hops flavor that does not veer into grapefruit juice territory.

I also tried the Coconut Hiwa Porter. It had a strong coffee aroma and smooth toasty flavor with a lot of cocoa undertones. There was a burntly bitter aftertaste, which I mean as good thing. It was kind of like a creamy iced coffee without any sweeteners, and it went well with the Hawaiian pizza we ordered at South Short Tiki Lounge. (Yes, I was that tourist.)

Rumor has it that the Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom has sold Maui Brewing products in the past, so I may need to go investigate.