My Alien Robot

The Brewery
Silver Branch Brewing Co.

The Location
Silver Spring

The Beer
My Alien Robot Hazy IPA

So I’ve written a few odes to IPAs here before, but I always seem to mention in those love letters that I don’t like ones that stray into grapefruit juice territory. I’d been hoping that I just hadn’t tried the hops-forward ale that was going to make me change my mind, but that hasn’t happened yet. I just don’t have any enthusiasm for overly hopped IPAs.

I say this to acknowledge that the odds were stacked against Silver Branch’s My Alien Robot before I tried it. Sure enough, as soon as I opened up the can, I caught a whiff of a strong pine resin aroma that acted like an alarm bell to my senses. Because it’s a hazy IPA, My Alien Robot looks like unfiltered grapefruit juice. Even more alarm bells went off.

The poor beer never really had a chance.

In My Alien Robot’s favor, it has strong herbaceous and yuzu flavors that gave it a bit of complexity. It also has a gentle carbonation, which gives its rich body a bit of sparkle.

But its aftertaste is harsh, like chomping on raw bitter melon. And that bitterness lingered. If you are a hops enthusiast, than this is something that should tempt you. What I’ve learned about me in the course of writing this blog is that I increasingly can resist that kind of temptation.