I Wish I Was In Munich

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Oliver Brewing Company

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I Wish I Was In Munich

It’s Oktoberfest season, that time of year when Aldi has more Deutsche Kuche products on the shelves and every craft brewer in the US rolls out their Oktoberfest-themed beers, whether they are in the German style or not.

I Wish I Was In Munich is Oliver Brewing Company’s take on “Oktoberfest Style Lager” (per the description on the can). It’s a Märzen-style beer that’s 6% ABV, meaning it’s less “drink by the liter while surrounded by thousands of people” and more “let’s hang out and eat pretzels and roasted ham hocks and bemoan the plight of 1860 Munich.”

It has a smoky and caramelly aroma and a rich sweetness that evokes brown bread with raisins. There was a faint hint of cinnamon, but mostly it tasted like caramel and malt. It is a pleasant autumnal beer.