Chronicle Tropical Stout and Rocktobierfest

The Brewery
Silver Branch Brewing Co.

The Location
Silver Spring

The Beer
Chronicle Tropical Stout

Where the hell did October go? We’re deep into November and I never even wrote up this year’s Rocktobierfest.

I would make a horrible journalist. Deadlines aren’t my thing.

So let’s do a brief recap of what I had tried at Rockville’s annual beer fest:

  • 7 Locks Rock Creek Kölsch – If I say this tasted what I think mothballs would taste like, you would think I was being mean. But I say that as a compliment, I swear! It’s an interesting beer, and a nice way to kick off my day.
  • Waredaca Camptoberfest Märzen – This one’s an autumnal treat, chock full of burnt caramel, toasted malt, and crisp toast flavors.
  • Saints Row Paternity Leave – A collaboration with Waredaca, Paternity Leave is an English ale with notes of hazelnut and cocoa powder. Saints Row maestro Tony Preubla told me it was right up my alley, which means I am officially a regular.

One of the big things I learned (aside from the fact that Chef Jeff Eng from Tower Oaks Lodge is awesome and that I prefer Maine oysters to ones from Prince Edward Island) is that Silver Branch Brewing does a tropical stout. I’ve been kind of obsessed with tropical stouts since I read about them in Dom Cook’s This Ain’t the Beer You’re Used To.

By the way, if you haven’t read This Ain’t the Beer You’re Used To, buy it now, because it’ll teach you stuff you didn’t know, even if you think you do. For example, I didn’t know about tropical stouts.

Anyway, Silver Branch had set up at the Dawson’s booth at Rocktobierfest, but by the time I noticed that they had Celebration on tap, I had already had three beers, then checked out a book at the library, which is a thing I like to do after three beers. So I had to go Dawson’s later to pick some up.

And I really liked it. Celebration has an iced coffee aroma, and its flavor is rich with cocoa powder and cola notes. It’s sort of like if Coca-Cola did Coke Mocha. I’m quite desperate to try more tropical stouts now.