Lowest Lord

denizens-lowest-lordThe Brewery
Denizens Brewing Co.

The Location
Silver Spring

The Beer
Lowest Lord

I love English ale and wish there was a hole in the wall pub that allowed dogs so I could walk the dog that I don’t have yet to the pub and have a pint every day.

God, I miss Baying Hound.

It is too far to walk a theoretical dog from Rockville to Silver Spring, but at least I can buy Lowest Lord at Gilly’s. Denizens has got the bitters thing down pat. Lowest Lord has a rich golden brown color and a lovely hops aroma. It has a hoppy tang to it without being, you know, stupidly hoppy. It tickles the back of my throat and leaves a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. I wish I still worked at NOAA so I could go to Denizens all the time. I also wish I had some fish and chips right now or a full English breakfast or some toast and Marmite or something.

God, I miss the Red Lion.