Natty Boh

natty-boThe Brewery
G. Heileman Brewing

The Location
Milwaukee, WI

The Beer
National Bohemian

National Bohemian is Baltimore’s beloved beer. Unfortunately, it is now brewed by G. Heileman, which is part of the Milwaukee-based Pabst Brewing empire. But as of 2011, 90% of its sales are still in Baltimore.

I am not a native Marylander, and moreover, I am a D.C. Metro Area Marylander, not a Baltimore Marylander. But I felt like I could not consider myself a true resident of my adopted state without drinking some Natty Boh.

It is pale yellow and very fizzy. It has a very faint sweet aroma that I associate with… well, mass-produced suds. Having sampled other regionally beloved brewskis (like Old Style), I was expecting it to be swill (like Old Style). But it has a smooth and gentle sweetness that puts it in more in line with its distant relatives in the European Pilsner family. It’s pretty good.

And it goes really well with Käsespätzle, which makes it a keeper in my book.