Balt Altbier

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Union Craft Brewing

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The Beer
Balt Altbier

I am normally not a fan of altbier, a Westphalian style of beer popular in Düsseldorf. The ones I’ve had were a little too bitter and a little too syrupy in texture for my tastes.

But hey, maybe the ones I’ve had before just sucked. Maybe Union Craft Brewing is just better at making beer and its Balt Altbier would win me over.

How about, “Yeah?”

Balt has a rich, gorgeous brown color (yes, brown can be gorgeous) and a strong, malty aroma. It has a taste of bitter chocolate, but it does not have a bitter taste. In fact, it is pretty mild. Its body is smooth and creamy, not syrupy. I thought it was a thoroughly delightful beer.

I wish I bought more…