Homestead Hefeweizen

The Brewery:
Milkhouse Brewery

The Location:
Mount Airy

The Beer:
Homestead Hefeweizen

Apparently, Mt. Airy is a beer wonderland. After kicking off this blog with the Farmer’s Daughter from Red Shedman Farm Brewery, I am moving onto Milkhouse Brewery’s Homestead Hefeweizen. What I really need to do is drive out to Mt. Airy, which is a scant 40 minutes from my house and has all the beers.

This one right here, this Homestead Hefeweizen, has a sweet, yeasty aroma. The first sip has a slightly orange, slightly cardamom flavor that is apparently what I think yeast tastes like. That gives way to a strong wheat finish. The body is rich and creamy. It is basically everything you want from this classic German-style beer. It’s gorgeous.

Now I need to find something from Frey’s Brewing Company, and my tour of Mt. Airy will be complete.