Nuckin’ Futs

The Brewery
Ocean City Brewing Company

The Location
Ocean City

The Beer
Nuckin’ Futs

I wouldn’t say I am a beer purist, but my tolerance for what I perceive as gimmicky beer is low. Even if that is not a fair perception. So I was a bit on edge when I picked up Nuckin’ Futs. This was going to be ridiculous, I said to myself. But I bought it anyway because, hey, I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

Is Nuckin’ Futs a gimmicky beer? I guess so, based primarily on the edgy wordplay. Ocean City Brewing says they brew this beer with walnuts and honey and to be sure, the initial aroma is less like beer and more like a walnut syrup. Its body is rich and creamy, but a little bit syrupy. The flavor is rich and deep, but a little bit syrupy. Basically, it’s a bit syrupy. It accomplished what it set out to do, which is taste sweet and nutty, so there’s that. But I can’t say I was wrong about it.