Red Headed Step Child

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Tall Tales Brewing Company

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Red Headed Step Child

It’s apparently International Beer Day so I celebrated by opening a Twitter account: @rockvilletavern. I also felt bad that Twitter had a net gain of zero subscribers last quarter, so I kind of joined out of pity for them even though they are probably doomed and I’m going to have to replace my account with a Facebook page.

Anyway, I am also celebrating International Beer Day by drinking a beer from Maryland. Red Headed Step Child has a sour aroma with an underlying sweetness, like turned milk but in a good way. The first few sips start the same way, sour with a sweet, wheaty finish. The harsh sourness mellows as it gets air, though, and it gets more palatably sweeter.

For me, Red Headed Step Child is a beer that finishes better than it starts. I was thinking about my next beer before I finished it, though, so I’m gonna have to pass on this in the future.

God, I have a Twitter account now and people may read this and now Tall Tales is going to hate me. I didn’t think this through.