Grisette Farmhouse Ale

The Brewery
Manor Hill Brewing

The Location
Ellicott City

The Beer
Grisette Farmhouse Ale

When I popped the top of Manor Hill Brewing’s Grisette, I was slapped in the face with a harsh hoppy aroma. It’s how I imagine a genie would smell the moment they leapt out of their lamp. In either case, I wouldn’t be able to tell if that smell meant good things or bad things for me.

But like a genie granting me a wish that was related to beer, Grisette turned out to be good for me. It starts off with a zippy, tangy hops flavor that was on the sane side of citrusy. Halfway through the glass, the wheat flavor kicked the hops out of the driver’s seat like a night shift Le Mans driver.

What I am saying is Grisette is like a genie driving a race car. In a good way. This is the kind of vibrant imagery you can get out of me when I’m reviewing beer.