Excalibur India Pale Ale

The Brewery
Tall Tales Brewing Company

The Location

The Beer
Excalibur India Pale Ale

I associate different types of beers with different seasonal activities:

  • Born Bohemian¬†and other Pilsners: When sitting on the deck in the sun.
  • Lowest Lord and other English bitters: When sitting by a warm fire on cold winter nights.
  • Budweiser: When visiting my dad and we’ve finished off all the Sams.
  • Michelob Ultra: When eating blue crab after blue crab after blue crab after blue crab and I don’t want my cold beverage to interfere with the Old Bay seasoning.
  • Old Style:¬†When I’m in Chicago and I don’t actually want to drink beer.

I have to admit that I haven’t quite figured out when to have India Pale Ales, but maybe Tall Tales has hit on something with its Excalibur I.P.A. Maybe India Pale Ales are meant for going to Medieval Times and Renaissance faires. I mean, I’m drinking Excalibur as we speak and I could totally wolf down a half a chicken with my bare hands right now.

Excalibur has a thick, rich creamy head and a beautiful amber color. It has a hearty body and a crisp hoppy flavor. It pleasantly reminds me of Harpoon I.P.A., which is the beer that introduced me to the I.P.A. style. It’s a beer that makes me merry.

So maybe Excalibur is meant less for a weekend of live action role playing games and more for a weekend when you’re feeling happily nostalgic. Works for me. Cheers!