Czech the Technique

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Jailbreak Brewing Company

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The Beer
Czech the Technique

I have professed my love of Denizen’s Born Bohemian before, so I approach any other Maryland-made Czech-style beer with a bit of caution.

That’s one of the stranger sentences I’ve ever written.

Anyway, I had to throw caution to the wind when I saw Czech the Technique on the shelf of Dawson’s. The name is awesome and the label on the can is beautiful. I have a weakness for good labels.

Philosophers are wondering what’s next, so let’s see who bent and detect the style. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Czech the Technique has a bright, pale golden color and a gentle aroma. It also has a subtle caramel flavor backed up with a slight bitter tang in the back.

It’s a convivial beer, one that I would love to drink with a lot of with friends while seated at a long wooden table. Clearly, there is room for more than one Maryland-made Czech-style beer in my beer fridge.