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Back in 2014, my wife discovered that there was a brewery a mere 20 minute walk from our house. We had lived in Rockville for a decade and hadn’t realized that Baying Hound existed. I quickly became a regular, but in March 2016 Baying Hound closed up shop for good. Damn you, the passage of time.

So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Saints Row Brewing was opening a mere 15 minute walk away from our house. When they announced that they would be open for limited hours of operation this past Saturday, I made sure to stop by.

I shaved three minutes off my normal walk time too, by the way.

It was nice to see how packed the place was when I got there. Saints Row had three beers on tap: 24-Hour Sour Tart Wheat Ale, Edified American Gold Ale, and Hopostolic Succession saison. Line them right up here…

The 24-Hour Sour (pictured at the top of the page) was a nice surprise to me. I’m not a fan of sour ales, but this one has a subtlety to it that tickled me. It’s tart, to be sure, but with a strong wheat flavor and a pleasantly musty aroma. It’s lovely.

The Hopopstolic Succession was not too shabby. It has a strong clove aroma and flavor that takes me back to my days in college where I had a crush on this girl who wore a beret and wrote poetry and drove a stick and smoked clove cigarettes. I can’t say it did a lot for me, but I recognized its quality, sort of like how I don’t have to like West Side Story to appreciate its genius.

I may be mixing my metaphors.

Anyway, my favorite of the three options on tap turned out to be the Edified. It is rich and creamy, with a strong wheat flavor and an astringent tang to finish. I could drink worrying amounts of it if I let myself. I walked over to Saints Row with the assumption that I was going to bring home a growler of something, and this was my choice.

I began this blog earlier this year because I wanted to make up for lost time in exploring my adopted state. I was inspired in part by what my neighborhood lost when Baying Hound closed: a convivial brewery that felt like a part of the community. I have a good feeling that we are going to get that back now and that I started this blog at the exact right time.