Flagship IPA

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Black Flag Brewing Company

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Flagship IPA

When I was in high school, there was this guy named Chuck who was the underrated cool kid. Most of the squares I went to high school with probably didn’t think much of him, if he was anything like me. But he had awesome taste in music. I was a hair metal fan, so obviously my musical taste was questionable. But Chuck introduced me to Bad Brains and Faith No More (when Chuck Mosley was the singer) and Dead Kennedys and Black Flag.

loved Black Flag. Loved them. I loved them so much that I once prepared an infographic to celebrate my fandom:

So I raise a glass to Chuck, wherever he is now, and that glass contains Black Flag Brewing Company’s Flagship IPA. I don’t think the brewery is named after the band, but never mind. It is still a great drink to accompany fond memories of being in high school and expanding my musical parameters.

Flagship hits all the standard IPA notes: pithy aroma, crisp citrusy flavor, wheat undertones, and delightfully bitter aftertaste. And it hits them all perfectly. It is delicious and it goes well with an old episode of That’s Incredible!