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First off, for some reason, I am struggling to take photos of wine. I think I am fairly decent at taking photos of beer. (Other opinions are available.) But I am always disappointed with my wine photos.

You know what will cure this self-loathing? Wine.

Bordeleau’s vidal blanc has a strange sweetness to it. Not unpleasant, but a bit unusual. It sort of tastes like licorice coated in honey. Is that a thing? I kinda want to buy some allsorts and find out of that’s a thing.

It’s not much of a wine to drink just by itself. But it does pair up well with whatever we’re cooking up. I made a pizza with Greek toppings and it played along nicely. And my wife used it to make French onion soup, which was a smashing success. So at first sip, I may not have fell in love with this, but over time it won me over.

I wonder how it will pair with allsorts and honey.