Third Party

The Brewery
Denizens Brewing Co.

The Location
Silver Spring

The Beer
Third Party

Last year, I had the chance to spend some time in Brussels. Just the airport. In the morning. Twice. I spent two mornings at the airport in Brussels. During layovers. But in those four hours at the airport in Brussels I really got a feel for what Belgium is all about.


I have this weird little crush on Belgium, even though I’ve never really been there. They have cool music, delicious food, and great beer. If only there was a way for me to indulge my Belgophilia while still upholding the theme of this blog.

Denizens to the rescue! Given how they have done a good archetypal English ale in Lowest Lord and a good archetypal Czech Pilsner in Born Bohemian, it stands to reason they can do a good archetypal Belgian tripel.

Third Party has the hallmark golden color and creamy body. It has a strong yeast flavor, sweet with hints of vanilla, cardamom, and orange, and a slightly bitter aftertaste. It’s like an intentionally burnt caramel.

If I’m looking for a beer to help me indulge my fantasy of downing a metric ton of moules-frites at a bar in Brussels, I could grab an imported beer crafted by an obscure monastery with an eye for international monetization. But Third Party is a credible take on a style of beer I love. It makes me happy. And tipsy. So tipsy.