Witty Pink

The Brewery
Peabody Heights Brewery

The Location

The Beer
Witty Pink

Witty Pink is a Belgian-style wit beer that Peabody Heights brews with cranberries. It’s a festive beer for the holidays, but after January 1, America’s cranberry reserve is returned to its cryogenic chamber until Thanksgiving or whenever someone has a UTI they need to get under control.

Witty Pink is cloudy and vaguely pink. It goes down easily, briefly filling your mouth with subtle tart fruit and clover flavors before disappearing as if no liquid ever past your lips.

I liked it a lot better at room temperature. The flavors lingered in my mouth a bit longer, reminding me that I am alive and originally from Massachusetts, home to the cranberry cryogenic chamber.

I bet this would make a nice shandy type of thing with a cranberry ginger ale. Something to test out next Christmas!