On Baker Street

The Brewery
Saints Row Brewing Company

The Location

The Beer
On Baker Street

If you are a regular reader of this blog (is that a thing?), then you know that I aspire to be a fake Englishman. This mostly involves walking my dog along a stream through a field and some woods to the local pub to have a pint, then going home to watch panel shows.

I got a dog late last year, as well as a local dog-friendly pub. But because my dog hates literally every dog in the universe, I cannot completely live the life I want to lead. Fortunately, Saints Row was nice enough to help me cushion that blow by brewing On Baker Street.

It is a Newcastle-style brown ale, only more so. It has a strong hazelnut aroma, recalling in its fragrance ancient walks among the woods. Or at least walks through the neighborhood park. On Baker Street has a rich, dark chocolate flavor with hints of hazelnut. It’s like a Nutella for grown-ups and it is really delicious.

So rather than being seen walking my dog back from the pub, I can be seen walking a growler full of On Baker Street back from the pub. My neighbors ask me about it, just like they ask me about my dog, and I go on a little too long about it, just like I do about my dog. Then I get home and like the fake Englishman I aspire to be, I complain too much that no one in Europe likes the United Kingdom’s Eurovision entry.