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Lord Wimsey Gin

When I was in college in Rhode Island, I of course was chaste and pure and didn’t drink alcohol at all. Which is why every time I got drunk, I did stupid stuff like throw my roommate’s belongings out the window and commandeer the college radio station to play Napalm Death.

My alcohol of choice was gin. I spent a lot of time at the now-defunct Club Babyhead and they made a really good gin and tonic. After I left college and Club Babyhead closed, my interest in gin waned, replaced by newfound enthusiasm for beer and wine.

I never really got back into gin, but a few years ago I bought a bottle to try my hand at making gin cocktails. I only recently polished off that bottle, so I replaced it with Twin Valley Distillers’ Lord Wimsey, because Rockville.

Lord Wimsey has a rich, creamy body and a harsh, boozy finish. It has a very subtle juniper flavor, lacking the sort of Wet Nap taste that I associate with more commercial gins. To be honest, it tasted to me more like a flavored vodka than a gin.

But I only had Lord Wimsey straight for the purposes of this blog. Let’s be realistic and make some cocktails. First up was a gin martini: 1 1/2 ounces of gin, 1 tablespoon of vermouth, stirred over ice, then served with a twist of orange. It was lovely and smooth, with a complex herbal flavor tied together by the orange oil.

Then I made my Ginger Lady recipe. The gin cut through the Domaine de Canton‘s syrupiness and the lemon juice’s tartness, but gave up its harshness in the process. Rather than competing with the other ingredients, it played nice, giving the cocktail a nice harmony.

I may not be on the cusp of developing a Britain-level obsession with gin, but I’m more than happy to find a good one locally.