Elk Run Riesling

The Winery
Elk Run Vineyard and Winery

The Location
Mount Airy

The Wine

I still haven’t visited Mount Airy beyond Rock Hill Orchard. I keep drinking all of their drinks from the comfort of my humble Rockville abode. I know, I know, I am too much of a homebody.

Today’s Mount Airy quaff: Elk Run’s Riesling. It’s dry with a hint of sweetness, like a lychee spritzed with lemon juice. It has a faint mustiness to it that I like, which sounds like a strange thing to say, but wine is a strange beverage and a thing like faint mustiness is a good thing, unless it is a bad thing.

Regardless, it has a moreish quality that makes me look forward to my next glass. I just finished a serving and I’m already looking forward to having more tomorrow.