True Respite Ribbon Cutting

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True Respite Brewing Company

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So I went to a brewery and didn’t have a drop of beer.

Let me back up: True Respite Brewing Co is the newest brewery in Rockville. It had a ribbon-cutting ceremony this past Friday that was attended by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Montgomery Council President Hans Riemer, Maryland District 19 Senator ​Roger Manno, District 19 Delegate ​Bonnie Cullison, and ​
Rockville Chamber of Congress President Michelle Day, among others. Not too shabby for a new brewery located in an industrial park in an obscure part of town.

True Respite co-founder Brendan O’Leary said that he was inspired to invite Gov. Hogan to the ribbon cutting after a speech given at the 2016 HomebrewCon in Baltimore. The governor graciously accepted. For his part, Gov. Hogan said that his popularity at HomebrewCon may have had a lot to do with his chugging a beer onstage before his remarks.

I mean, know how to play to your audience, right?

The general theme of the remarks, as you might imagine, focused on entrepreneurship and the growing craft brewing industry in Maryland. Allusions were made to the need to reform Maryland’s laws regarding the state brewing industry and really, it was too bad Comptroller Peter Franchot was out of town, since his appearance would have been icing on the cake. Still, a Governor’s Citation and a certificate from the Comptroller and a pretty big crowd on an early Friday afternoon is nothing to shake a stick at.

Which brings me back to why I went to a brewery and didn’t have a beer. I was on the clock at work and still needed to pick my son up from school, so I took a pass on getting a sample or two. I probably missed the governor chugging another beer to the delight of all gathered.

But I’m again reminded that I started this blog at a good time for Maryland’s beer industry. It’s been fun to see how it has developed, and even though there are still plenty of work to be done to make the state truly hospitable to brewing start-ups, it feels like the future is very bright.