Blackwing Lager

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Union Craft Brewing

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The Beer
Blackwing Lager

I walked into Belby’s the other day needing to grab a six-pack of cold beer quick because I had a hot pizza from Pizza CSNY in my car that wasn’t getting any hotter. The first local sextet I spotted in the fridge was Union Craft Brewing’s Blackwing Lager. I have reached the point in my relationship with Union that I can confidently buy beer I’ve never tasted from them knowing that it’s going to be good.

I saw the word “lager” on the can and in my head I was expecting a sort of Pilsner-style pale yellow lager, not a German-style Schwarzbier. Maybe I should have read the description on the can, but as I said: hot pizza.

If I was worried about my choice as I poured my beer into my glass, that mild panic dissipated when I sat down and ate dinner. Blackwing is light and creamy, with a slightly bitter, espresso-like aftertaste. It’s evocative of stout without having stout’s heft. It went well with my pizza and it also went well with the new season of the Great British Baking Show that I watched later that evening. It was also pretty great to drink while I fried up a whole chicken for dinner. If that’s not a sign of a versatile beer, I don’t know what is.