Thankful for Local Beer

The federal government’s fiscal year began October 1st, and I made a new fiscal year resolution to go to Saints Row more often. Of course, it took me a good month before I made good on my resolution. But when I made a resolution to lose weight a few years ago, it took me a full month before I had a plan in place, so really, I’m par for the course.

It had also been a year since I used the Untappd app, and about five minutes before I walked over to Saints Row, I made a new fiscal year resolution to use that app more. So thus far into FY2019, I am doing really well.

I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have a good local brewery that’s walking distance from my house. I feel bad that I have not visited True Respite and 7 Locks Brewing yet, but I can’t drive over to either location, earn six badges in Untappd, then drive home safely. (If I ever do a brewery crawl of Mount Airy, I may book a hotel room for the weekend.)

Fortunately, True Respite and Saints Row teamed up to make the Mac Daddy (pictured), which was a delightfully smoky ale. I had tried True Respite’s Alpin Haus smoked stout at Rocktobierfest back in October, so you’ll forgive me if I assume True Respite has wood-fired vats. Still, now that the weather has turned autumnal, there’s something nice about sipping Mac Daddy while the air is filled with the faint sent of lit fireplaces.

I also picked up six-packs of 7 Locks Brewing’s Snakeden Saison and Brawling Bear Brewing’s Counterpunch Pale Ale at Belby’s, which I’ve been gradually working through. October and November have been good months, everyone.

So this Thanksgiving, while I’m giving thanks for the usual good stuff (family, friends, re-runs of Password on Buzzr), I will also be giving thanks for having good local businesses that produce products that I enjoy. The neighborhoods have rallied around them and I would hate to take them for granted.