White Russian Cream Ale // New Year’s Resolutions

I’m fond of making new traditions. Rather than watching A Charlie Brown Christmas every holiday season, I watch a bootleg version of a 2013 British television special about drinking at Christmas. Instead of listening to “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve, I blast an old zither-based classic. I’m thinking about ditching ham for Christmas dinner in 2019 and replacing it with alligator roast.

In that spirit, I looked back at how I wrapped up 2017 on this site before  I started to write this post: I drank a Jailbreak White Russian Cream Ale, then I made New Year’s resolutions. That worked so well for me (aside from the part where I kept my resolutions), I’m doing it again.

Thus, here I am on a rainy New Year’s Eve with a glass of White Russian Cream Ale, thinking back on what all I wrote this year. I didn’t exactly execute my 2018 vision for the site, which is not a big deal. I’m not trying to be the next big thing in Maryland beer criticism or potent potable news. This is a hobby, not a career.

So I’ll dust myself off and try again. By which I mean that I am copying the same resolutions I posted last year:

  • Get more creative and descriptive.
  • Publish one post a week.

To help me achieve my goals, I’m looking to folks like Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey and The Takeout‘s Kate Bernot for inspiration and instruction. And for practical and health-related reasons, the one post a week thing may not just be me writing about beer. (One of these days I’m going to pen those odes to La Bohemia and Kielbasa Factory I’ve been dying to write.)

But I primarily want to maintain this site as a beer diary for myself. I do hope that anyone who stumbles onto this site will find that entertaining, even if they don’t get the random references to Mystery Science Theater 3000 or the Beastie Boys that I will inevitably nestle into my posts.

Which brings me to my last resolution for 2019:

  • Enjoy myself when writing.

If I treat writing like a chore, it will become a chore. If I treat writing like a fun thing I get to do each week, then it will be a fun thing I get to do. Now crank that Freundorfer…