Rockville Dreaming On Such a Winter’s Day

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Lost Barrels

I love snow. I know I am an old man who should be pining for retirement in warmer climes (like San Diego, where there is lots of beer), but I am still of able body and mind and will shovel my driveway several times during snow storms just to keep on top of it. Once a New Englander, always a New Englander, I guess.

Of course, there’s also the fact that after I am done shoveling, I can reward my hard work with a hearty beverage. A stout sounds pretty good right now.

Brookeville Beer Farm describes Lost Barrels as a bourbon barrel-aged stout, and it does have a boozy bourbon aroma to it. I tasted coffee and dark chocolate flavors and maybe even a little bit of the coconut that the Lost Barrels can said I would find. It has a syrupy texture that I found a bit overwhelming. I thought it was a strange beer, almost like a bourbon coffee cocktail more than a stout.

I picked up my can of Lost Barrels at the newly reopened Dawson’s Market. It was looking a bit hairy in Rockville Town Square a couple of months ago, but with Dawson’s and Golden Samovar back in business, it’s feeling a bit more homey there. Now they just need to fill that oversized gap where Mellow Mushroom was.