Late Bloomer ESB

The Brewery
Idiom Brewing Co.

The Location

The Beer
Late Bloomer ESB

Is it a bit overdramatic to say I would consider moving to Frederick just so I can have Late Bloomer more often? Probably, because I would miss Frob and On Baker Street at Saints Row ever so much.

But holy cow, is Late Bloomer delicious. It’s got a funky, malty aroma, a tangy herbaceous kick and an earthy, hazelnut aftertaste. If you’re in no rush to down your order, you’ll find that Late Bloomer gets better as the evening rolls along. It’s everything I love about a good pint of bitters, and it’s perfect to nurse while sitting in a warm pub on a cold night right after a snowstorm.

I spent only 42 hours in Frederick and Late Bloomer made up 47% of the beer I consumed while I was there. It was also the only beer I brought home with me. I bought three crowlers, 32-ounce cans that are collectively a good idea in theory, but are sort of impractical if you don’t drink two pints of beer in quick succession. Fortunately, Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center gave us these nifty can covers when we adopted our dog, and they are the perfect size to cover up the large cans in case I need to finish the second pint the next day.